The new 2008 Hayabusa is out!

As predicted, there is no dramatic change to already perfect aerodynamic body, but more aggressive muscular look is achieved and I like it :)
Engine has gown for 41 cc and it is 1340 cc now with dual injectors.

Redesigned instrument cluster, inverted front forks, radial front break, lowered passenger seat and fuel tank height, raised windscreen height, LED taillight...

Engine: 1340 cc with 11% higher performance, dual injectors, bigger oil cooler, dual water cooler ventilators, dual triangular canisters, and much more...

Please view 2008_hayabusa_spec.pdf  for all details. More 2008 pictures below...

Old 1999 Hayabusa:

I just love it, from the first moment I saw it in '99, before I knew her name or what she does!
Unfortunately I'm not a owner. My first bike was Suzuki GS 850G from 1982, and I have just bought '91 Kawasaki ZZR1100 (ZX11 for USA) - the bike that held speed record for serial bikes until Hayabusa came out. Hopefully just temporary solution, because Hayabusa rules!
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You can find a lot of pictures here sorted as I find them, almost every good picture published on the net is here and some are taken by me. If you find yours picture email me and I will remove it if you want, but since you already published it, I hope that you want it to be seen.


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